Melatonin LEK-AM SLEEP



Melatonin LEK-AM SLEEP

  • The first and only drug with melatonin in doses of 5-3-1 mg 1
  • No. 1 for sleep in Poland 2
  • Trust of patients from 22 years of age 3

Melatonin LEK-AM medications (5-3-1 mg melatonin):

Are the only drugs with melatonin on the Polish market in doses of 5-3-1 mg of melatonin

Are manufactured according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Production) standards.

Treat disturbances in sleep rhythm; positively affect the process of falling asleep, regulating the phases of sleep and its duration 4

Are of a high safety profile

Is the trust of patients for 19 years on the market 3

Melatonin LEK-AM – double action 4
Melatonin has two main lines of action in the treatment of sleep disorders 4 :

  • causes a direct hypnotic effect which is probably the result of an interaction with the central GABAergic system

Exhibits a chronobiological effect, adjusting changes in the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness to changes in lighting and the duration of the day and night. This action takes place mainly through the specific central melatonin MT1 and MT2 receptors


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