CobalCure 500

10 ml Ampoule 



CobalCure 500

Each ml contains:
Mecobalamin JP 500 mcg
Benzyl alcohol BP (As Preservative) 2% v/v
Water for injection Q.S


Mechanism of action:

Mecobalamin is the one and only homologue of Vitamin B12 found in the brain that participates in transmethylation.
1. Mecobalamin is well transported to nerve cell organelles than cyanocobalamin and plays the role of coenzyme in the synthesis of methionine from homocysteine. It is also involved in the synthesis of thymidine from deoxy uridine thus promoting nucleic acid protein synthesis.
2. Mecobalamin normalizes axonal transport of skeletal protein in sciatic nerve cells. It exhibits neuropathologically and electrophysiologically inhibitory effects on nerve degeneration in neuropathies induced by drugs such as adriamycin, acrylamide and vincristine.
3. Mecobalamin promotes the synthesis of lecithin, the main constituent of medullary sheath lipid, by increasing methionine synthetase activity, thus promoting myelination (phospholipid synthesis).
4. Mecobalamin restores end-plate potential early induction by increasing nerve fiber excitability in the crushed sciatic nerve. In addition, mecobalamin normalizes diminished brain tissue levels of acetylcholine.
5. Mecobalamin promotes nucleic acid synthesis in the bone marrow and promotes the maturation and division of erythroblasts thereby improving anemia, thus increasing erythrocyte production.


CobalCure is indicated for the treatment of:
1. Peripheral neuropathies.
2. Megaloblastic anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency