Neck stapling and treatment

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Neck disc
Neck disc or herniated disc in the neck is a common health problem, and cartilage is a gelatinous disc that connects the vertebrae with each other and contributes to their movement. Which causes severe and chronic pain, and this problem has many factors that lead to it, such as improper neck posture for a long time, sleeping on non-medical pillows, or sitting for long periods without resting the neck and head or changing position, and not exercising properly. There are many symptoms associated with the sliding of the neck cartilage and the feeling of severe pain in the neck, the most obvious and disturbing.

Neck disc symptoms
– There are many symptoms and signs that indicate a disc neck injury, the most important of which are the following:
– The presence of pain or numbness in the neck. Weakness in the chest, arms or shoulders, with pain and numbness. When the disease is difficult, the patient may develop a herniated disc in the neck. Impact on other parts of the body, most notably the legs.

Tips for people with cartilage problems in the neck
The attending physician will give the patient some advice that will help him in the treatment phase, such as:[2] Dieting until he loses excess weight.
– Do not take painkillers unless necessary and under the supervision of a doctor.
– Do not overburden the body and neck.
– Do not expose the back to the cold and warm it permanently.
– Sleep on a comfortable, medical-grade pillow.
– Do not wear high-heeled shoes.
– Avoid sleeping on the stomach area.
– Do not bend the neck for long periods.

Neck disc treatment
In most cases, the treatment is by resorting to surgical operations, by removing the disc that causes pain, and pressure on the nerves and spinal cord, and it is called discectomy. As for the place from which the operation is performed, it varies depending on the area in which the disc is located, it may be performed from the side. In order to remove the front disc or from the back of the neck, so that the posterior disc is removed, and recently a medical technology has been invented that removes this disc using a microscope, and it is called here as microscopic discs. After the disc is removed, the doctors work to close the space that was used to remove it. As a result, the spine regains its original height. The doctor here presents two options to the patient, either placing an artificial neck disc or performing a fusion of the neck disc, and these two options are not available to everyone, specifically For those suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis.

Natural ways to treat a disc neck
The doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment according to the situation and the extent of its development. The treatment can be done by medication and physical therapy, or by performing a surgical operation in the event of risks and symptoms in advanced and difficult stages, and herbal and natural treatment can be resorted to, which is an effective treatment, and from these Treatments: [3] Treatment by bee venom, by exposing the affected area to bee stings, because it contains many substances that help relieve pain, improve nerve signals, stimulate blood circulation, and treat local infections. Make a mixture of the melted night on the fire, an analgesic cream, olive oil or black seed oil, and rub the affected area with this mixture daily until the pain subsides. Put a paste of fenugreek and hot milk on the affected area. A mixture of chili and olive oil.

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